50 Facts About Me - Part Dux

Hey, there everyone!

How are you all?

So, today I am going to be writing the second part of my last post which was "50 Facts About Me", now as I said I got this idea from my friend Sophie from the Wattpad profile. So, enjoy!

26. Am I on any medication?
No, I am not on any form of medication.

27. What was my first FanFiction Novel?
My first FanFiction novel was: Turn Around - A Conor Maynard Love Story.

28. What is my favourite book(s)?
My favourite story book trilogy is by the YouTube Sensation: Zoella - Girl Online.

29. Am I the "Party Type Girl"?
Um, I guess so. I mean I get really into the party mood when I am at one. So, yes I'd say that I am.

30. Do I have any more celebrity crushes?
...Yes, I do! Haha! My other celebrity crushes are Harry Baron and Sam Thompson, from the Reality TV Show Made In Chelsea, the YouTube Sensation: Caspar Lee's friend Byron, The Dolan Twins, and Leonardo DiCaprio.

31. What is my top three holy grail make-up products?
My top three make-up…

50 Facts About Me - Part 1

Hello, there everyone!

How are you all?

Today, I am going to be doing a "50 Facts About Me", post as you can tell from the title.

I got this idea from my very good friend Sophie. She wrote this on her Wattpad profile, and I really liked it so I thought that I would do one. Enjoy!

1. How old am I?
I'm 13, years old. I was born on the 23rd of August, 2003.

2. What is my full name?
My full name is, Lillie-Louise Lauren Bennett.

3. Do I have any siblings?
Yes, I do. I have one older brother, three younger sisters, and one younger brother.

4. Where am I from?
I am from London, England. Although I want to move to Yorkshire when I am older.

5. Who is my celebrity crush?
My celebrity crush is the YouTube Sensation: Conor Maynard

6. Who are my favourite music artists?
My favourite artists are Louis Tomlinson, Conor Maynard, G.O.A.T (Jack and Conor Maynard), Katy Perry, and Harry Styles.

7. Who/What am I obsessed with?
I am obsessed with, all things beauty, Jack Maynard, Joe Sugg, Conor Maynard, t…

My Bedroom Makeover!!

Hey, there everyone!

How are you all doing? How has you summer been so far?

So, for my blog post of the day I've decided to blog about..... MY BEDROOM MAKEOVER!! 

Seen as I love all things "YouTube, Make-Up and Music" related, I got some posters of YouTubers, magazine clippings of beauty therapy related things and posters of all of my favourite artists! Thank you, to my Mum Becky aka behind the crafty door for helping me with buying the things that I needed to help create my dream bedroom.

I am absolutely lovin' my bedroom makeover. They're time where I just walk in there and just admire it because I am in LOVE with it. 

Whenever I go and chill in my room now, I feel like I can relax even more, as I've got all of my favourite things in there it just makes me feel more at home if you will. It's like my pride and joy. I know I'm weird XD!

I'm going to list the items in the post of where I got them, so then if you want to buy them for your own room then no…

My New Facebook Group

Hey, there everyone!
I hope you are all doing very well. 
I thought I would make a quick announcement post this evening. What is she announcing? You ask well, I've just setup a Facebook Group! I've set this up so, I can keep you all updated of new YouTube Videos, future Blog Posts, and just generally things about me. 

I would really appreciate it if you amazing people would go and check it out. So, yeah that's just a quick little announcement post of today, and I hope you all have a lovely rest of your day whatever you're doing.

The Little World Of Lillie, signing off... xxx

Just A Few Of My Faves!

Hey, there everyone!

I hope you are all doing well, and I hope you enjoyed my last post about reminiscing. For today's blog post, I will be chatting about some of my all time favourite, things from last month, and early this month. It will be from different ranges of beauty products, music, skincare, and books. I hope you enjoy!

The first thing I will be talking about is.... BOOKS!

Reading is one of my, hobbies, and I enjoy reading books from let's say, William Shakespeare, Harper Lee, and more. But, for the past few weeks now I have been obsessed with, these books:

I have been obsessed with the: Girl Online, trilogy by the one and only Zoella (aka Zoe Elizabeth Sugg), Mayniac - The Biography of Conor Maynard, by Martin Howden

I have had these books for a good few months now, and I have been LOVING: them. I got into the Girl Online, books last Christmas. My Mum bought me the first instalment as one of my Christmas presents, and it was finished within a month. I was OBSESSED with …

A Week of Reminiscing #FlashbackFriday.....

Hello, everyone!

How are you all? I'm sorry I haven't posted in a while, I have been busy revising, my book on English Language by Edexcel has not long arrived. Revising, in general, has been quite fun to do recently (I know. I'm weird). 

Anyway, moving "onto" the topic I, wanted to discuss in today's blog post. 

Quite a lot this week, I have found myself reminiscing. As some of you may know, I was born in 2003, and during my 13, (nearly 14) years on this planet, I have found myself re-living my early childhood, from the ages of 8 to the ages of 11. I have found myself, downloading music that I used to adore when I was younger such as,One Step Closer - S Club 8 (aka S Club Juniors), Bring It All Back - S Club 7, Kiss You - One Direction, and even song from, High School Musical! I even downloaded the Togetheralbum by S Club 8, from Spotify, and S Club 8's, second album Sundown!

This could be a little bit, strange as pretty much, everyone uses iTunes now to lis…

GCSE's, are on the way...

Hey, you lot!

I hope you all are having a great day whatever you're doing. I'm sorry I haven't posted on here, for a while, I have just been pretty darn busy.

For today's blog post, I thought I would talk about GCSE's (for people, in other country's GCSE's is just, another term for exams). Now, we all know that GCSE's help you throughout, your life. To help you get a job, to get into college and other things in general. Well, my Mum has recently ordered the books I need for my exams. I am pretty nervous about my exams. I've been asking myself What if, I fail? Or what if something, goes wrong? But, my Mum has told me to not, worry. Everything will be alright, and just to focus on getting the minimum grade. Plus, if I got a higher grade, then that would be a bonus. 

Do you guys, have any tips, of how to survive exams?

Please let me know in the comments, and it also may help other people, of their surviving exams.

Again, I hope you all have a great day, wha…