50 Facts About Me - Part Deux

Hey, there everyone!

How are you all?

So, today I am going to be writing the second part of my last post which was "50 Facts About Me", now as I said I got this idea from my friend Sophie from the Wattpad profile. So, enjoy!

26. Am I on any medication?
No, I am not on any form of medication.

27. What was my first FanFiction Novel?
My first FanFiction novel was: Turn Around - A Conor Maynard Love Story.

28. What is my favourite book(s)?
My favourite story book trilogy is by the YouTube Sensation: Zoella - Girl Online.

29. Am I the "Party Type Girl"?
Um, I guess so. I mean I get really into the party mood when I am at one. So, yes I'd say that I am.

30. Do I have any more celebrity crushes?
...Yes, I do! Haha! My other celebrity crushes are Harry Baron and Sam Thompson, from the Reality TV Show Made In Chelsea, the YouTube Sensation: Caspar Lee's friend Byron, The Dolan Twins, and Leonardo DiCaprio.

31. What is my top three holy grail make-up products?
My top three make-up products are the: Maybelline New York, Matte and Poreless - Normal To Oily Skin Foundation in - 110 Porcelain, Collection 2000 Brow Kit in Blonde, and the Rimmel Colourist Mascara with lash tinting effect in Black.

32. What celebrities have noticed me?
Jack Maynard, Alex McDonald, Anna Maynard, Anth Melo, Joe Sugg, Tyler Oakley, Julius Cowdery from Made In Chelsea, Josh Patterson from Made In Chelsea, Binky Felstead from Made In Chelsea, Louise Thompson from Made In Chelsea, DanTDM, Sqaishey, and Olly Murs.

33. What is my favourite alcoholic beverages?
My favourite alcoholic beverages have to be a good old bottle of Budweiser and the Echo Falls Fruit Fusion Rose Wine.

34. What is my favourite non-alcoholic beverage?
This is 100% Diet Coke.

35. What is my favourite Reality TV Show?
My all time favourite Reality TV Show has to be Made In Chelsea. It's just the funniest, most sarcastic, romantic (kinda) TV Show ever! I would recommend everyone to watch this show.

36. Have I ever been in trouble with the law?
No, not yet thank God. 

37. What is my favourite takeaway?
Indian 100%. It's just the best like er ever!

38. What is my favourite Wattpad FanFiction?
This is quite hard as I have quite a few faves but, if I had to choose it would be a book by, omgameezy called: Turn Around (A Conor Maynard FanFic)

39. Who are my five best friends?
My Mum, Sophie, Louise, Abbey, and Maddison.

40. Have I had my first kiss yet?
No, not yet.

41. Have I ever had a boyfriend?
Nope! I have never had a boyfriend but, that doesn't bother me though.

42. What is my favourite movie?
Joe and Caspar: Hit The Road 100%

43. Have I ever met a celebrity? 
Yes, I have. I met John Partridge, who plays Christian from the TV Show Eastenders

44. Have I ever been to a concert?
No, unfortunately. I really want to though. 

45. Do I want children?
Yes! I would love to have kids of my own one day.

46. What is my favourite album(s)
The YouTube Sensation: Conor Maynard's - Contrast, Charlie Puth's - Nine Track Mind, and One Direction's - Take Me Home.

47. What is the most recent YouTube video, on my channel?
The most recent is: My 14th Birthday Make-Up Look

48. What qualifications do I have? 
I have the PSHE and Citizenship Certificates for Year 7, Year 8, and Year 9.

49. What was my first holiday?
My first holiday was I was 11 months old, and my Mum, Dad and my elder brother went to Norfork. 

50. Where do I want to go in the United Kingdom?
I want to go to Yorkshire (again), Ireland, Wales, Scotland, Folkstone, Manchester, and Brighton.

Ok! So, that was part dux of my 50 facts about me! I hope you enjoyed reading the 50 facts about sem-moi. 

If you would like me to do more posts, like this in the future leave a comment below.

I hope you all have a lovely rest of your day whatever you're doing!

The Little World Of Lillie, signing off... xxx


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