My Bedroom Makeover!!

Hey, there everyone!

How are you all doing? How has you summer been so far?

So, for my blog post of the day I've decided to blog about..... MY BEDROOM MAKEOVER!! 

Seen as I love all things "YouTube, Make-Up and Music" related, I got some posters of YouTubers, magazine clippings of beauty therapy related things and posters of all of my favourite artists! Thank you, to my Mum Becky aka behind the crafty door for helping me with buying the things that I needed to help create my dream bedroom.

I am absolutely lovin' my bedroom makeover. They're time where I just walk in there and just admire it because I am in LOVE with it. 

Whenever I go and chill in my room now, I feel like I can relax even more, as I've got all of my favourite things in there it just makes me feel more at home if you will. It's like my pride and joy. I know I'm weird XD!

I'm going to list the items in the post of where I got them, so then if you want to buy them for your own room then now you'll know, where you can make a little purchase!

  • The YouTubers and Music Artists posters came from Shout Magazine
  • The poster of the YouTube sensation: Conor Maynard, came from his debut album - Contrast
  • The beauty therapy related things, came out from Shout Magazine, DARE Magazine and AVON Magazine

Do you have any ideas or tips, for any bedroom ideas?

I hope that you've enjoyed reading my blog post. I hope that you all have a lovely rest of your day whatever you are doing!

The Little World Of Lillie, signing off... xxx


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